Welcome my good friends!

Nice of you to stop by, if you are here, you have probably been directed by someone involved. So, what is New Strings Design you ask? Let me tell you about it.

New Strings Design is a mobile web development firm located in Raleigh NC. This responsive web portfolio is under current development so if things look a little “different”¬†when you come by, just know that we’re hard at work and the site may appear a little better tomorrow ūüôā Any who, enough about the site – let me tell you about us.

We produce highly customized front-end software. Having a solid foundation in mobile technologies, we deliver responsive and adaptive web apps that sparkle among our competitors. These apps are scalable and accessible in all mobile environments and all provide a solid vehicle for delivering your precious content to your target audience. We are creative thinkers, designers, developers, artists, writers, musicians, and if nothing else, the finest problem solvers of our time.

We are engineers at heart and would love to share our resources with you. Get in touch with us and our colleagues on GitHub, LinkedIn, Google+.

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